Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello Weeeezards!
Ronan here with some thoughts on pvp and the new updates.
For those of you who dont know me, I love pvp and I love my pvp team.
I have been around for a while to watch pvp grow from good to better, and from balanced to unbalanced. In this post I will be talking about what I think current pvp problems are and what i think would fix these problems. I would also love a little feedback from anyone reading this.
Here I bring up the first problem. Diego is always eager to talk about pvp tutorials and advanced combat, yet we have had warlords running around since the arena became the popular sport and our current gear offered from him falls short at the status of Commander gear. This gear was great for a long long time, but with the introduction of gargantuan, criticals, blocks, and insane healing boost percentages I feel this gear is obsolete. If you have been involved in the arena you know what i am talking about when i say the tickets we get for victorys and losses have little or no value after a certain point.
Pvp is about healthy competition, friendship, teamwork, strategy, relaxation, adrenaline rushes, pride ( lol), and an opportunity to put your hard working wizards and hard farmed gear to the test. These are all wonderful things, yet overtime I feel that an incentive to pvp has been lost.
PC ( our pvp team ) has seen fewer and fewer teams out there in ranked 4v4 and its gotten to the point where out last 20 matches in ranked have given rewards ranging from 0 rank per victory to 7 rank per victory. what does this mean? It means that there simply arent teams with high ranks competing anylonger. why? I dont know, maybe if KI introduced something to work for, something extra special to obtain through pvp successes we would see some of the old pvpers back at it.
Until then, I challenge you to get to the Arena! there is TONS of rank out there to be had. honestly the advantage is all yours. If you get ranked up against a full team of warlords you will not lose any rank if your beginners. you will simply have the opportunity to gain rank. about 26 or so ranking points can be won when a private beats a warlord. the benefits are still there for you if you havent started. I am here to talk about the brick wall our team is trying to smash through though. Bottom line... KI we need some Warlord gear. get the old warriors back into the arena and claim something great. claim Warlord gear, claim new tropheys, claim titles and arena ticket items that have not yet been introduced to W101. We have tickets, the demand is high, where is our supply?
current 4v4 matches taking place on a FRIDAY night!
and this was the total 1v1 matches taking place on that same Friday. 15 matches!!!
KI has well over 10 million registered players and less than 100 people are in the arena??
dont get me wrong, W101 is a top rate game and my all time favorite. PVP has just been overlooked and there is not really an argument there.
Yes yes the WW ( waterworks) gear is lovely yet it lacks things true Warlord gear should provide.
for starters, Life, Death, and Balance wizards get 0% accuracy from the WW gear?
sure you could luck out and get a super nice pvp pet with sharp shot, proof, defy, spritely....but is that really making up for what our gear is lacking?
There were a few other things that kinda baffled me with these updates ( btw I love these updates, they were some of the best KI ever made. I am just here to focus on the PVP problems)
It is very interesting that some school not only got an increase in accuracy but their great accuracy changed from class specific acc. to universal acc. a fire hat that gave 8% fire accuracy before now gives 8% accuracy all the way around the table.
not only did balance, life, and death not get class accuracy but they are much much more likely to fizzle on a heal than the other wizards are.
Just think about this.
If 2 wizards were using the current WW gear to pvp, say a life were to vs a fire in 1v1.
say they both needed to heal because they beat eachother up. the life wizard would cast a satyr and have a 90% chance to succesfully heal themselves.
but the fire wizard will cast the spell from the life school, and his/her satyr will have somewhere around a 97%-104% chance to successfully cast the card.
Maybe i am just crazy but shouldt the Life wizard cast its own class spells more efficiently than a wizard of another class? It only makes sense....right?
Up next.....something that made me GASP!
Looooook at the number of people in practice pvp!! 307 matches! some of these are 1v1 some are 4v4! that is a LOT more people than ranked has to offer! still low for a Friday night right? well guess what.... I took this picture at 4:47 am central time on a Sunday morning!
what does this mean? People LOVE pvp. Ranked has nothing to offer past commander gear.
How do we get KI to update pvp? simple! we go pvp!

These guys have the idea! get out there and pvp!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wizard City Revisited

Hey Wiz!
Today I thought it would be cool to take a look back at our first encounters with W101.
What got us interested? How could this world change to keep up with the fast paced game's growth? and a couple of suspicious areas that we may hope to see some change with in the future.
This is the 1st building I want to bring up. I have been playing W101 since just after Dragonspyre was introduced. I have kept a close eye on the game in general and one thing that sticks out to me is this building directly behind me in the pic. If you remember, lights only pop up on windows in buildings that you can enter. they are yellow if you can enter them, Blue if you have a quest inside, and off if you cant enter them. We definitely cant enter this building but I have seen it change from yellow, to blue, to yellow again over time. I will try and get a picture for you guys next time it acts up. Maybe KI has a new shop coming to town?
Hmmmmm.....check out this unused space behind the amulet/wand shops in the shopping district. looks unoccupied, yet larger than all its fellow buildings. Perhaps a new fishing/tackle shop may find its way here sometime? I sure wouldnt mind fishing with my buds in w101 for loot. This has always been one of those things that made me think " woah, I want that in my house!"
Look just at the front of the table....Potato doll. awesome overlooked W101 scenery :)
Down in olde town we have a building I think would be a nice place for a beginning stage and high end crafting shop. Sooo nicely placed next to our Bazaar, we could purchase everything from crafting tables, to reagents you would only find in Celestia. what do you think? nice idea?
Ahhh, Golem Tower. This is another place that gets overlooked by so many wizards. I dont know if you here to finish the quest that is so hard for low lvl wizards, or if you just here to make Treasure cards, but I want to point out something that i liked about this place.
If you enter the door of Golem tower and do not start the first fight, but instead stand there and listen to the music, you will hear a complicated, nice piece of music from Kings Isle that doesnt seem to be played at any other stage of the game. If you start the fight you wont hear the music again, but instead get the same old "battle music" that we are all used to. I suggest you go listen!
and finaly, In the words of KI "Gratias Avo Vos" Thank you Wizards! ( I hope to see lots of change in WC over time. I think it would be nice to see the beginning stages of the game grow just like it did with Briskbreeze tower and Crab Alley. Thanks for reading and Please tell me your thoughts!)
~Ronan Dawn~

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Balance talk.

Hey wizaaas!
I decided to do a little late night blogging and kinda show off Ronan ( my pvp main ) while at the same time giving helpful tips to any Balance wiz out there who would like to keep up with Wiz101 pvp.
First off i would like to give some recognition to my dog aurthor wethersfield.
without his introduction to the Balance school I would have overlooked, and underestimated Balance wizards for their powerful versatility. I mean, this class doesnt even have a classroom or tower so the first impression isnt exactly 1st rate, right? one we go!
Now i will introduce you to Duke Cleo! This is my pig, I took care of it, fed it all my best snacks and it has never failed to serve me on the battle field. take a look at the pic to see the talents i prefer to have while ina 4v4 dual. This pig gives great resistance to damage, it casts spritely to remove dispels, accuracy debuffs, and life dispels! when its not doing that its healing me.
This pig also has the epic talent pain giver. pain giver increases damage to all classes. while this is a very useful and preferred talent by many, I wouldnt mind trading it off for sharp shot. sharp shot gives universal accuracy. I do not enjoy fallonitis during my pvp matches :)
(fallonitis=fizz) lets take alook at some other top notch balance equipment.
Hood of Judgement
Cape of Judgement
Boots of judgement: This is the core of what your wizards equipment should be if you want to pvp in w101. of course there are several variations of gear but this is the gear i have chosen to use in order to find success in the battlefield. next up, we will look at my prefrences on Rings and athames and amulets for 4v4.
Stellar signet
Garnet bear claw Hammer of Stone Sky: These are my Ring, athame and weapon of choice. these 3 items provide me with the best pool of enhancments your wizard can recieve outside of the main gear i've already shown you. the items i have provide a combination of healing, pips, damage, health, and a touch of block. There are many other variations here that can be used and combined to provide the best stats for your wizard.
Life mastery amulet. This next item is optional. It really depends on how you trained your wizards 2nd school if you wanted to use this amulet. If you havent trained satyr i wouldnt recommend using this item. there are many other amulets you can use with great benefits but this is the one i like because i use Unicorns, rebirths, life dispels, brilliant lights and various other life spells that cost more than 1 pip. this amulet can also be dropped in the Waterworks dungeon located in Crab Alley W.C.
Resolute 4v4 Deck.
Ok guys this is my personal 4v4 deck that I will use in pvp since Wintertusk and Celestia have rocked the worlds of pvp. I believe there are very few wizards out there who have perfected their decks since CL and WT have come out. I know myself and i can speak on behalf of the team i pvp with "TPC" we have had some difficulty revising decks and getting the cards we need to lay down some combos in the time we need it done. anyways, This is my deck for 4v4. It allows me complete versatility. I am able to do Aoe damage, Aoe damage and debuff, Buff team mates, debuff enemies, boost my teams heals and spritelys, protect my teammates, on and on. I have decided to keep my tricks in my sideboard for my own use. :) I completely encourage others to play and overcome challenges in pvp. but hey, gotta have some secrets eh?
I would like to say thanks to my pvp team "Perfect catch".
These guys ( Kevin Battleblood, Cassandra Dragonheart, and Fallon) are some exceptional friends and partners in the game. I couldnt have come as far as i have without this crew. I am very proud to call them freinds.
Remember, becoming a good balance wizard takes versatility. Not only do you have to master the concepts of spells, pips conservation, flow of battle, gaining momentum, and teamwork, you must learn to communicate with your team. Good communication skills are the asset to a Balance wizard. You can farm all this gear i've shown you and look pretty sharp in game stats wise, but have poor communication skills and not be able to play the best cards at the right time based off what your team has in hand, or what your opponent is planning.
I hope this information is useful for anyone wanting to make a Balance wizard. I love the Balance class and I think you would too. Thanks for reading guys
~Ronan Dawn~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sultan's palace


Living it up at the hotel sultan's palace! such a lovely place!
This is the home of Mr. Kevin Battleblood and I got to say its a pretty great place to be.
this is the house you recieve from buying the $39 mega bundle game card from gamestop.
You will enjoy this house from nice cool breezes by the oasis to the beautiful mosaic tiles and golden domes all the way to the earth beneath where ancient gold and treasure lies preserved by the genie in the lamp. purchasing this home makes you the master of the lamp and it will grant each wizard who visits it 1 wish per day.
I approached the lamp and happily recieved my wish. apparently i was wishing for a regenerate treasure card and a spring reagent with a little gold :) Its a pretty cool area of the house, I am just glad my pig didnt steal a ruby and cause total chaos.

there are also other cool features that come with the mega bundle! a dualing circle on the outer courtyard surrounded by shallow water pools, lots of indoor space for statues and large housing items, and an image of a treasure chest that seems to vanish just as you get close enough to touch it. This home comes with a pet snake in a basket, a nice flute weapon, some sultan's fancy gear, and a magic carpet. I will be enjoying mine soon, hope you enjoy yours too!
~Ronan Dawn~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sultan's palace mega bundle

Hello wizards!
I was just informed by some extreme w101 lovers that there will be a new Mega bundle just like the epic bundle that held the Massive fantasy palace. This is a game card that costs $39 and comes with some pretty amazing features. the card gives as listed.
* Sultan's palace complete with dualing circle+ extra housing slot.
*magic carpet mount that increases speed by 40%
*powerful magical flute of casting useable for all lvls
*Sultan's crowns gear
*powerful snake in a basket pet
*Magical genie in a lamp that grants daily wishes
*and last but not least an option of 5000 crowns or a 1 month premium membership.
These are some pretty amazing in game items featured on this card and I will be hoping to see them and you in game soon!
Peace spiral! ~ Ronan Dawn ~

First Post!

Hello awesome wizard101 community!
Today I woke up early, had some cereal and began some pvp on my latest wizard, Ian Sun.
I have always liked Ice wizards because they got some really cool gear, Universal resistance, lots of damage over time spells and stuff like that. I dont know why i decided to make Ice the last class of wizard i ever made but I have made one now and i got to say... in the words of Rebecca Black " Fun Fun Fun Fun" .
I first started pvp on this wizard at lvl 38 because it gave me all my requirements ( balefrost, blizzard, decent health and resist, my first aoe spell blizzard, and a nice helpful minion). I pvp with this wizard until i started getting into fights i couldnt handle like lvl 60's that would critical centaur me while i have no block lol. this began around rank of captain. I then proceeded to lvl up to 60 and farm for my new gear that is awesome straight from the legendary tower in crab alley called " water works". I recieved my hat: frostbit hood, my robe: frostbit cape, and my shoes: Frostbit boots. These are all the lvl 60 items for an Ice wizard and I must say they certainly have aided me since their arrival. here is a nice picture of the stats in case your interested. for some reason the pictures are up top. I am still getting used to blogging :D but maybe that will help some Ice wiz out if they want to know whats out there :).